How LED Therapy Can Relieve Your Pain

Light energy has changed so much about the way doctors and aesthetics specialists operate. With laser treatments and LED therapy, today’s providers can do more for their patients than ever before, all with little-to-no downtime and quick, comfortable treatments. 

At Island Lotus Health & Wellness in Brunswick, Georgia, we didn’t want to confine the power of light energy to our aesthetic treatments alone. Serena Skinner, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, and our team offer LED therapy for people living with pain. 

With our LightStim® LED therapy, we can deliver targeted pain relief with a fast, comfortable treatment that comes with no downtime at all. Let’s take a look at what it can do for you. 

How LED therapy works

Much like plants respond to light energy, our bodies are sensitive to light. LED therapy allows our team to direct certain colors — and certain wavelengths — of light into your skin to create results. LED therapy has a broad range of uses. Blue light LED therapy, for example, can treat acne. 

For pain relief, we use red and infrared light. When the cells of the body are exposed to red light, they read it as a threat. This causes the mitochondria, which provide energy for cells, to kick into high gear. By applying red light and creating a small amount of stress in the cells in the area where you’re experiencing pain, our team can stimulate a biochemical response. 

As the mitochondria react to the red LED therapy, they create anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents. This protects your cell health while reducing swelling in the area, which can help to minimize a wide variety of pain types. 

Additionally, the LED therapy stimulates increased circulation in the area, reducing soreness and stiffness with the influx of fresh, oxygenated blood. 

Who can benefit from LED therapy

We chose to offer LED therapy with LightStim because it’s FDA-approved and clinically proven. With this noninvasive treatment, we can address a number of pain types. 

Specifically, we use this treatment to help people with:

During treatment, one of our pain relief specialists shines the professional-grade LED light onto the target area. We let you know how long your treatment will take based on the area you want to treat and your pain level, but you can expect it to last a half-hour or less. It’s completely comfortable, too. You’ll be able to relax as the LED light goes to work. 

If you’re looking for medication-free pain relief, consider LED therapy. With this innovative treatment, we can help you feel more comfortable. To learn more about LED therapy or to schedule your appointment, contact us by calling our office or making an appointment online today.

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