How the Plasma Pen™ Can Tighten Trouble Areas

If you’ve always wanted to tone and tighten loose skin on your face, neck, or body, but you don’t want to incur the expense or go through the pain of surgery, there’s a great option for you. Plasma Pen™ treatment is like getting a facelift without the surgery. It’s one of the signature medical spa services offered at Island Lotus Health & Wellness. Come visit us at our location in Brunswick, Georgia, so we can consult with you about your needs and get you the look you’ve always wanted!  

How does it work?

The Plasma Pen cosmetic procedure uses ionized gas, called plasma, to firm and lift your skin. Your skilled provider uses a handheld device to perform a procedure called fibroblasting. During this minimally invasive treatment, an electrical arc forms between the pen and your treatment area, which extracts oxygen from your skin, causing it to contract and tighten.  

Your body perceives the thermal energy as an injury and rushes to produce new collagen and deploy healing growth factors. As your body works to heal the area, new collagen continues to develop.

What parts of your body benefit from the Plasma Pen?

The plasma pen treatment is used to improve the appearance of the following:

Is Plasma Pen treatment painful?

The innovative cosmetic treatment is FDA approved and is safe for all skin types. The Plasma Pen never actually makes contact with your skin, but the treatment can cause a mild burning sensation similar to a sunburn. To minimize discomfort during treatment, we prepare your skin with a topical anesthetic. 

Any pain you feel after your Plasma Pen treatment responds well to ibuprofen and resolves within a few days. You may be slightly red or swollen after your plasma therapy, but you can go right back to work or school. 

Is Plasma Pen treatment better than surgery?

Skin tightening with the Plasma Pen delivers amazing results.  If you compare it to facelift surgery, fibroblasting with the Plasma Pen has these compelling benefits:

One and done?

A single treatment is all it takes for many patients, but each person’s needs are unique. Depending on the size of your treatment area and how many corrections you desire, you may need two or more appointments spread out over a few weeks.

Plasma Pen therapy is one of a wide range of anti-aging medical and aesthetic services offered at Island Lotus Health & Wellness. To get started with your rejuvenating Plasma Pen skin tightening treatments, call the office or use the online scheduling option to book an appointment at your convenience.

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