Make 2019 the Year of Change With our Clean Start Weight Loss Program

Loss weight once and for all.

Losing weight is the number one New Year's resolution Americans make. Yet data shows that most people fail to keep this resolution by February. This year you can keep your promise to lose weight and get in shape, with the help of our Clean Start hCG Diet Weight Loss® Program. You can finally slim down, improve your health, and feel good while you’re doing it with this medically supervised weight loss program.

Learn how our program can truly give you a clean start and help you reach your weight loss goals in 2019.

Make 2019 your year

Losing weight can be frustrating. Even if you succeed initially, the cards are stacked against you when you go it alone. Most people who lose weight gain it right back and then some. Here at Island Lotus Health & Wellness in Brunswick, Georgia, weight loss specialist Dr. Todd Lucas and Serena Skinner FNP offers an effective, medically supervised program that can help jump start your weight loss to provide safe, rapid results. We want you to feel good about yourself again.

A medically supervised program

Our Clean Start program is a true medically supervised weight loss plan. Dr. Lucas or Serena Skinner FNP orders lab tests and takes a detailed medical history to ensure that the Clean Start Program is safe for you. He uses this information to detect problems that may hinder your weight loss efforts, such as hormonal imbalances of the thyroid.

Dr. Lucas and Serena Skinner FNP also ensures that medical conditions you have, such as Type 2 diabetes, are safely managed so that your weight loss journey isn’t riddled with complications. You can rest assured knowing that your weight loss is guided by a trained medical professional.

The hCG advantage

A key part of the program is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections. These can only be administered by a licensed physician or nurse. The hormone hCG is a naturally present in high amounts during pregnancy. When combined with a reduced-calorie diet, hCG injections can boost your metabolism and stimulate fat burning. As you start to burn more calories, you shed pounds and move toward a healthier weight.

Additional weight loss boosters

Lipotropic injections are another key part of the Clean Start Program. The injections contain substances, such as methionine, inositol, and choline, that help release fat throughout the body. These nutrients target fat deposits and help prevent fat storage in parts of the body. Dr. Lucas may combine these nutrients with vitamin B12, which plays a vital role in energy production. This helps you feel energized as you slim down.

Individualized just for you

The Clean Start program isn’t just a one-size-fits-all plan. Dr. Lucas tailors the plan to meet your individual needs. He may add additional nutrients to your weekly injections or prescribe medication to curb your appetite and help you stick to a lower-calorie diet. He’s there every step of the way to guide you to weight loss success.

Enjoy real food

On the Clean Start weight loss program you’ll enjoy whole foods, not prepackaged food from boxes or pouches. While following the program, you’ll learn how to make smarter food choices and you’ll learn to adopt healthier eating habits. As the scale heads in the right direction, you’ll feel motivated by the results, and along the way, you’ll likely pick up some healthy recipes.

Clean Start Program® benefits include:

Make 2019 the year you finally lose weight, feel great, and keep it off. To jump-start your weight loss and feel good about your body again, call our office to schedule your initial consultation or use our convenient web form to book online.

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